Moringa Tea: Benefits and How to Brew

A simple morning tea ritual can help you set the tone for each day. Mornings are fresh, new beginnings. Take a few minutes to begin your day with intention. It is a small thing that may have an impact on your day and in turn, your life.

The pace of everyday life seems to be rushed and getting even faster. Drinking loose leaf tea is a small way to slow down and be more present; watch the tea leaves unfurl and wait for the right moment to pour your freshly made tea into your favorite cup. Tea is not just a drink. It’s a way to nourish and connect

Benefits of moringa tea

  1. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack: Yes, you read that right! If you have a family history of heart diseases, then you must include tea in your daily diet and have it along with your breakfast. Tea has the ability to remove plaque from the arteries and veins, thereby, cutting down on the fat deposit in the heart. This aids in reducing cholesterol, normalizing blood pressure levels and more than everything else, it stabilizes the heart rate. This, in turn, maintains heart health and reduces the chances of heart diseases.
  2. Tea Helps in Fighting Cancer: One of the major tea benefits is that it has antioxidant properties which boosts immunity and helps in reducing intracellular damage which is one of the many causes of cancer. Having tea regularly may help in avoiding breast, colon, prostate, ovarian, lung, skin, esophagus, liver, pancreas, colorectal and stomach cancer. It is no miracle that will cure cancer overnight, but it can be a preventative cure against it.
  3. It is Great for the Nervous System: You must have noticed that having a cup of tea right before you work, really helps in concentrating and focusing on the job at hand. Well, that is because tea has the ability to charge the neurons and help them function better. This is the reason why people have multiple cups of tea before pulling an all-nighter at work or consume it early in the morning, before heading out to work.
  4. It is Hydrating and Versatile: A lot of us are notorious for not having enough water on a daily basis. Another health benefits of tea is that, irrespective of whether is consumed iced or hot, helps in hydrating the body throughout the day. A cup of tea in the morning provides the body with its normal intake of fluids for that time of the day and helps in being hydrated all throughout the day.
  5. Tea Helps With Weight Loss: Weight lost is one of the most popular health benefits of tea. Tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the world. When consumed by itself without any milk, sweeteners or additives, it is a 0 calorie beverage. Apart from that the caffeine present in tea, really helps in energizing the body before a workout, thereby helping you to work a little extra in the gym or while you are jogging. Plus, it also accelerates the natural fat burning process known as lipolysis. So by having one cup of lemon tea or plain tea in the morning, you will notice that paunch reducing within a few months time.
  6. It Prevents Tooth Decay: If you are someone one who has been frequenting the dentist, then you will certainly make note of this tea benefits. With its plaque removing properties, it really helps to clean the teeth, thereby reducing the chances of cavities. Plus, it also aids in refreshing the breath which is an added bonus. A cup of tea in the morning can help to make you smile even brighter.
  7. Tea Helps in Improving Memory: So if you have been absent-minded recently, then chances are that you aren’t having tea on the daily. As mentioned above, tea really helps to make us mentally alert and recharges the neurons. Apart from that it can strengthen the function of brain cells and therefore offer protection from diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.

Qualities of a Fine Tea

Over the years, we have often been asked about our process of sourcing of fine teas and determining the qualities that we are looking for. While flavor and aroma are important, they are secondary to less subjective qualities like body, mouthfeel and Qi. It is important to develop a sensitivity to these subtler qualities so that you can judge teas on their merit alone and not on the dubious word of many tea merchants out there. As our customers knows, we seek the best teas we can find, and here are some important criteria for determining those teas, passed on through the ages and arriving to us via our tea tradition. We hope they help you in your tea journey.

  1. Fine teas immediately splash up to the upper palate. The best teas travel across the top of the mouth, moving upwards as soon as they enter our mouths.
  2. Great teas travel to the back of the mouth naturally, without having to push them back. They transform through the five flavors smoothly and quickly: bitter, astringent, gan (minty freshness that returns on the breath), sour and sweet.
  3. The tea is smooth in your mouth, feeling viscous and soft.
  4. A nice tea also swallows naturally; you also need not push it down. Look for a pinch in the throat as a sure-fire sign of a lower quality tea or poor preparation.
  5. Fine tea coasts the mouth. Anywhere you take your attention within your mouth, you will feel the tea.
  6. Fine tea also coats the throat, leaving it warm, soft and comfortable.
  7. The best teas cause salivation.
  8. Fine teas have a very important feature that the Chinese call “hui gan.” Gan is akin to the minty, cool feeling of peppermint or the air on a cold winter’s day. The word “hui” means “remembrance,” so this terms refers to the return of the gan on the breath. If you breathe out of your mouth after swallowing a fine tea, you’ll find your breath is very comfortable, cool and refreshing.
  9. Fine teas have a lingering fragrance that slowly rises up the back of the throat and into the nasal cavity. After drinking a fine tea, you sometimes get up and still find the aromatics in your nose.
  10. Great teas have a deep Qi that relaxes you, slowly spreading to the whole body in various ways

Why Unica Agro???

At Unica Agro, we brew exquisite Moringa-based Herbal Brews with an aim to epitomize the art of brewing exotic herbal infusions. Connoisseurs and herbal brew experts have appreciated the taste of our premium gourmet brews, attested our finest quality and its health benefits

Unica Agro moringa tea have all essential elements present required for a good tea in our tea we have all 36 anti Inflammatory 96 nutrients and 46 anti oxidants and our tea is herbal tea which contain all essential herbs

Usually in market we find tea which contain a lot of caffeine and we all know that caffeine is not good for our health so taking care of that moringa tea nutrition have made it best caffeine free herbal tea

We have many clients who have switched to our flavored herbal tea and they considered our tea as tea with health benefits.

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