The Best Moringa Herbal Brew from Western Ghats

A Super Rich Nutritious Moringa Brew

At Unica Agro, we brew exquisite Moringa-based Herbal Brews with an aim to epitomize the art of brewing exotic herbal infusions. Connoisseurs and herbal brew experts have appreciated the taste of our premium gourmet brews, attested our finest quality and its health benefits.

Energizing & Refreshing
Moringa Brew –

Unique Taste, Rich Nutrition

About Unica Agro

We are Unica Agro. We brew Moringa-based flavored herbal brews, rich in taste and healthy with uncompromising quality.

On business front, we remain a niche offering, focused in corporate, luxury travel and hobbyist space. Soon, we plan to spread across a few selected cities across the globe.

For us, introducing a new culture of Moringa-based herbal brew experiences is an opportunity to build great relationships. Our brew experience sessions are an eclectic blend of conversations, laughter and friendship. Through our products, we aim to transfer the warmth of the cup to our good relations within and outside the organization.

Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - About We are Unica Agro. We brew Moringa-based flavored herbal brews, rich in taste and healthy with uncompromising quality.
Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - Discover the amazing taste of Moringa Herbal Brews

Discover the Amazing After Taste

with our new Moringa Herbal Brews

Moringa is a Miracle Tree that has recently gained popularity both as a superfood and as healthy herb.

We invite you to experience the renowned wellness benefits of the “miracle tree” with our Moringa Brew.








Amino Acids “All 9 Essential Amino Acids”

3 & 6

Omega Fatty Acids

Moringa for Life, Packed with Goodness!

Health Benefits

Our Moringa Leaves are picked when they are still green to retain all of their natural enzymatic qualities!

Moringa is recognized as one of the powerful super greens on the planet. It’s contains:

  • 7x the amount of vitamin C as oranges
  • 3x the potassium as bananas
  • 4x the vitamin A as carrots
  • 2x the proteins
  • 4x the calcium as milk
  • Packed with protein
  • all 9 essential amino acids
  • 27 vitamins
  • 46 antioxidants and 90+ nutrients
Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - Herbal Brews for life packed with goodness
Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - Herbal Brews, way better than green tea
Why is Moringa Brew way healthier than Green Tea ?
Moringa Herbal Brew Green Tea
100% Caffeine Free Has Caffeine
ORAC Score is 1,57,000 uMol ORAC Score is 1250 uMol
Has Omega Acids 3-6 Has No Omega Acids
Has all 18 Amino Acids present Has Just 1 Amino Acid (Theanine)
Has anti amnesiac properties Has no anti amnesiac properties
Has proven relief in oedema Has no relief in oedema
Has proven relief in arthritis Has no relief in arthritis

Know about Moringa’s Benefits

Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - Infographic on benefits of Moringa brew