Private Labeling

Build Your Brand

Unica Agro products are available for customized private labelling wholesale supply as per client’s requirement. We are pleased to work closely with you to design, develop and finally release range of quality moringa products at your own brand. We also offer custom private label designing services at nominal cost.

As we are the direct manufacturer, we offer competitive wholesale pricing. You can reach your customers quickly with our quality products and reap the benefits of private labelling. We have advantages over other suppliers, because we manage moringa seed production, development of new moringa varieties, pre and post harvesting, processing, drying and manufacturing.

Unica Agro products are free from gluten, fillers, GMO, artificial colors and flavors. Low temperature and natural drying process can retain amazing nutrition of the miracle tree moringa. Our company does not use irradiation, chemical sterilization and heat treatment in our manufacturing process. We ensure highly nutritive moringa products over other suppliers.

If you have any requirements, Please write to us at or call us on +91 6362735379

Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - Private Labelling for Moringa Brews build your brand with us