Research and Development

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Unica offers the finest brews comprised of supreme natural ingredients, processed with proprietary technology, known as partial vacuum dehydration. The entire process and ingredients are sourced from the leaders in this sector.

The uniqueness of the process is selection of raw material from various parts of India, preprocessing, cutting, washing and dehydration,size reduction, packing – all the processes are strictly completed under safe food manufacturing practices.

Aroma, color, taste and nutrition values are always maintained with this proprietary technology. All functional properties of the ingredients are always maintained.

Moringa Brew by Unica Agro - Blending process and technology


Unica is always working for customer satisfaction; hence, ‘Brew’ is an entirely innovative sector which is explored by Unica.

Unica is backed by experts and experienced research team to develop innovative and functional flavors for various segments. We have developed flavors and combinations for various age groups with professionals. Food, Fun, convenience and Functional applications are the main pillars of our Research and Development.

We source the ingredients which suits all the requirements of our buyers. Product architect is our uniqueness, which will always be a combination of ingredients, process technology and expected end result.

We produce 100% residue free components products that give you the satisfaction of relishing your Moringa based brews. Consciously made from paper pulp, our sachets decompose naturally and even have water based printing to ensure our precious ecosystem is preserved.

In quest of generating minimal waste, Unica Agro brew bags decompose and return to nature where they came from. In pursuit of maintaining a cleaner ecosystem, our products will always maintain highest degree of discipline and honesty.