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Moringa Herbal Brews – Assorted box


What Unica moringa brew assorted box contains - 

Each carton contains 4 flavors - A Total of 20 Sachets | 5 sachets of each blend, as follows :-
  • Hibiscus
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Tulsi
  • Mint

Tej – Face & Body Scrub


According to the ancient Indian texts, the origin of bathing scrubs dates back to the Vedic Times. Since then, protection and beautifying skin is popular in Indian Subcontinent. Our bathing scrub being 100% ayurvedic would help your skin to be healthier and gorgeous & you would feel the Tej radiating from your skin

Unica’s Face & Body Scrub is formulated in a very unique and scientific manner. Made out of 9 precious ayurvedic herbs ( Musta, Shati, Avalguja, Ushira, Yastimadhu, Amradrakam, Chandanam, Haridra, Damanaka)  it exfoliates, nourishes, revitalizes, removes dead skin, treats skin conditions like rashes, skin irritation, fungal infections. It is also an excellent remedy for dark circles.

Our USP – It is 100% Ayurvedic Face & Body Scrub that is just perfect for all skin types. Most ayurvedic body scrubs which use Chickpea or Rice flour as a main ingredient however no such fillers have been used to make this scrub.

The rich fragrance & nourishment of the scrub would eliminate the need of a body deodorant or moisturizer after usage.

Pro Tip for bathing - Add 1 tspn coconut oil with 1 tspn water along with 1 tspn of our product. Mix Well. Gently massage with fingertips using circular movements for 2-3 minutes soaking up the incredible aroma. Wash & Feel the Tej !!

Unica Moringa Hibiscus

At Unica Agro we created a perfect blend of Moringa mixed with Hibiscus. This unique combination provides an unprecedented flavor that lingers on the palate for a long time. Apart from being a powerhouse of nutrients the rich aroma and flavor draw your senses leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed. The tanginess, color and flavor transform your sense to a different plateau of calmness and relaxation. Apart from this our hibiscus brew benefits you  -
  • Relieve conditions like bacterial infections, fever, cold, high blood pressure and constipation.
  • Contains anthocyanins which holds anticancer properties.
  • It lowers body temperature, treat heart and nerve diseases, and as a diuretic to increase urine production.
  • Also, good for your skin.

Unica Moringa Lemon & Ginger


Unica Agro brings to you a unique amalgamation of ginger and lemon together coupled with Moringa. The spicy flavor of ginger, the tanginess of lemon and the bitter sweetness of Moringa tickles the senses and leaves behind a freshness that enriches your mind and senses. A cup of this brew provides a magic to your day. Let the comforting cheer of the blend envelop your senses as you sit back and let the serenity seep through you. Apart from this our Lemon & Ginger brew benefits you  –

  • Prevent nausea, fights infections, indigestion, cold, muscle pain and soreness.
  • Improves bone health, eradicates toxins, reduces cholesterol, maintains oral health and hygiene, cleanses the liver.
  • Strengthens the capillaries, cures ear infections, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle contractions, prevents strokes.
Due to heavy orders this product is currently out of stock, pre-order today!!!

Unica Moringa Mint

Devour the freshness of mint along with the sweet bitterness of Moringa for a journey that wakes up your senses and appeases your palate. A perfect remedy to kick start your day. The freshness of mint provides just the buzz required to start your day and relaxes you at the end of a long day. So take a few minutes for yourself and relish our delicately flavored Moringa Mint tea. Apart from this our Mint brew benefits you  –
  • Increases bile secretion and its flow.
  • Contains menthol, a natural aromatic decongestant that helps to break up phlegm and mucus and thus helps fight cold.
  • Helps with indigestion and fight gastric ulcers.
  • Contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent called rosmarinic acid.
  • Has one of the highest antioxidant capacities.

Unica Moringa Tulsi

Unica Agro has delicately formulated a perfect combination of Tulsi and Moringa to provide a brewing experience that is unheard of. The freshness of Tulsi together with the miraculous properties of Moringa rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. Apart from this our Tulsi brew benefits you  –
  • Prevent certain types of skin, liver, oral, and lung cancers.
  • Effective at killing off harmful molecules and preventing damage caused by some free radicals in the liver, brain, and heart.
  • Prevent some of the harmful effects of aging.
  • Has strong antibacterial properties.
  • Rich source of antioxidants.