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Tej – Face & Body Scrub


According to the ancient Indian texts, the origin of bathing scrubs dates back to the Vedic Times. Since then, protection and beautifying skin is popular in Indian Subcontinent. Our bathing scrub being 100% ayurvedic would help your skin to be healthier and gorgeous & you would feel the Tej radiating from your skin

Unica’s Face & Body Scrub is formulated in a very unique and scientific manner. Made out of 9 precious ayurvedic herbs ( Musta, Shati, Avalguja, Ushira, Yastimadhu, Amradrakam, Chandanam, Haridra, Damanaka)  it exfoliates, nourishes, revitalizes, removes dead skin, treats skin conditions like rashes, skin irritation, fungal infections. It is also an excellent remedy for dark circles.

Our USP – It is 100% Ayurvedic Face & Body Scrub that is just perfect for all skin types. Most ayurvedic body scrubs which use Chickpea or Rice flour as a main ingredient however no such fillers have been used to make this scrub.

The rich fragrance & nourishment of the scrub would eliminate the need of a body deodorant or moisturizer after usage.

Pro Tip for bathing - Add 1 tspn coconut oil with 1 tspn water along with 1 tspn of our product. Mix Well. Gently massage with fingertips using circular movements for 2-3 minutes soaking up the incredible aroma. Wash & Feel the Tej !!